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We focus on what is most important, you!

YLOH – Your Life Our Help are a community team designed to provide help for people who are struggling to overcome issues that affect the quality of their lives.

We can help people aged 16 and over, people with a wide range of issues that are affecting the quality of their life. We focus our help in four areas; Your Home, Your Life, Your Health and Your Goals.

Based in Ipswich we work with people across Suffolk and beyond!

We know that many of life’s problems are eased or can be resolved, especially if we have people in our life who we can trust, people who are compassionate and thoughtful. Our staff are trained to be those people.

We are happy to help anyone, so if you think we can help, all you need to do is get in touch. We then meet people and find out what is happening, what help is needed and we suggest how we might help.


Helping you manage all aspects of your home.


Working alongside you to help you regain control of your life.


Helping you to achieve your goals.


Helping you to discover ways to improve your health.


At YLOH we have designed a way of working called Creative Enabling, this is based upon our knowledge, and belief that we need to be able to focus on what is most important, you!

Creative Enabling

Creative Enabling means being flexible, imaginative, responsive, creative, compassionate and of course helpful. Creative Enabling is based on consistent research that at the heart of all meaningful help there must be good quality relationships. That if people receive help from people who are skilled in making and sustaining helpful relationships anything is possible. Amazing transformations are possible if people are able to receive skilful help that is delivered simply.

So how does Creative Enabling work?

Creative Enabling is designed to enable the Team to be able to concentrate on building and sustaining helpful relationships. There are four main areas in Creative Enabling, and they focus on aspects of life that are important to all of us and we call them; Your Home, Your Life, Your Goals and Your Health.

We can focus on specific areas that people want to look at, and we are also able to put together Creative Enabling packages that can help people across different aspects of their lives.

We meet people, we find out what is happening and has happened to them, we talk to people about what they want and we work together to provide it. Sometimes this means help that we can do for people, sometimes it is helping people to meet others that have the skills that they need.

What is most important with Creative Enabling is seeing each person as unique, their stories and situations, their lives, their hopes and their strengths. Listening to them about what is important to them and being with them as they try to live their lives.

“Amazing changes and transformations are possible,
if people are able to access the right help for them.”

Your Home

Our Team is able to help, encourage and guide people to manage all aspects of their home. This may be cleaning, clearing, sorting, shopping, cooking, managing bills or budgets. We help people who have become overwhelmed by their possessions in their home, and who find themselves with too much clutter, people who others often refer to as “hoarders”. If people are overwhelmed by their possessions, we are able to respond to the practical issues they face, but most importantly the emotional issues that leave people feeling so overwhelmed and distressed.

Your Life

We meet many people for whom life has become very complicated, frightening and overwhelming. Things have happened to them, or are happening that mean that they don’t know what to do. Our Team focus upon getting to know people, they listen to people about what is happening, what is important, what helps, what doesn’t help, and then work alongside people to do the things they want and need, so that they can get back in control of their lives.


Your Goals

Our Team includes Coaches and Mentors that can help people to achieve specific goals that they have.Things that all of us frequently need help with in order to achieve. These may be related to work, leisure, relationships, education or other specific life goals.

The Team can help people to target what people want, what they need to get there and put in the help and support to see them through to achieving their goals. Being there to celebrate the successes, and helping people to learn and re-evaluate when things don’t as they had hoped.
We also Specialist Mental Health Mentors, Study Skills Advisors and Note Takers for people in Higher Education, and have been very successful in helping students work through to graduation.

The hourly rate for Specialist Mental Health Mentoring is £49.50 plus VAT. Please call us if you would like further information on Specialist Mental Health Mentoring or Study Skills.

Click here for YLOH (Your Life Our Help) - NMH Rates

Your Health

Many people we meet have been unable to look after their health due to the many pressures of life. This can mean that people have difficulty with many health related issues. Whilst there are many services available to people, we have found that signposting people towards these services is often not enough. Often the people that need them most need some time, help and support to get to where the help is.

We can help people to attend appointments, we can help people to look at their diet, to get active, manage their medication and discover ways of improving how their mind and body feel. Our team will look at what is available to do in their community, utilising parks and outdoor spaces to be more active, and helping them to focus upon making the changes that they want and need.


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